Plastics Europe Germany calls for changes

Peter Hammer, 9 July 2024

The public consultation process on the draft National Circular Economy Strategy (NKWS) ends on 9 July 2024. Plastics Europe Deutschland e.V. welcomes the draft in principle, but sees a need for improvements.

"We have surveyed our members and submitted a statement to the Federal Ministry for the Environment. The companies welcome the fact that the draft includes waste prevention, circular product design and complementary material and chemical recycling as well as the use of biomass and CO₂ in the strategy. However, they also see a need for improvement with regard to the effectiveness of some of the proposed measures," says Alexander Kronimus, acting Managing Director of the association.

Developments to reduce material complexity at product level are in the interests of circular product design. Restrictive measures, on the other hand, such as a fundamental reduction in the variety of materials, make it more difficult to develop new innovative materials that are needed for the transformation, he says. Non-fossil carbon sources such as biomass and CO₂ are essential for the transformation of plastics production. The availability of these raw materials should not be restricted by indiscriminate reduction targets.

Plastics manufacturers reject polymer-specific targets for the use of recycled materials. The requirements for the materials used are determined by products. "Sensible incentives for the use of recyclates must therefore be set at product level," says Alexander Kronimus. The Federal Ministry for the Environment will analyse the feedback from the public consultation and revise the draft. The final version will then be submitted to the Federal Cabinet for approval.

Source: Neue-Verpackung