IGEPA CZ Strengthens Market Position with Acquisition of Paper Back

Odolena Voda, February 5, 2024


IGEPA CZ, a leading distributor of paper, advertising, and packaging materials, announces the successful acquisition of Paper Back, bolstering its market presence and offering enhanced sustainability solutions.

By incorporating Paper Back into its portfolio, IGEPA CZ expands its services to include Logistics and Recycling alongside its existing Business Units. This strategic move addresses the growing demand for comprehensive, eco-friendly solutions in the market.

Aligned with the IGEPA group Vision 2030 initiative, IGEPA CZ emphasizes its commitment to sustainability, digital innovation, and expertise enhancement. The addition of logistics and waste collection services signifies a step towards sustainable business practices.

Customers will benefit from streamlined services, with the ability to order a range of products including graphic paper, packaging, and recycling solutions in a single call. IGEPA CZ's dedicated transport service ensures prompt and reliable delivery, while its waste collection license simplifies environmentally conscious disposal for customers.

Petr Breburda, Managing Director of IGEPA CZ, expresses enthusiasm for the acquisition, highlighting the opportunity to deliver more comprehensive and sustainable solutions to customers.

Michal Pára, Managing Director of Paper Back, anticipates improved customer responsiveness and emphasizes shared values of sustainable business practices.


About Paper Back:

Paper Back specializes in printing waste management, offering comprehensive solutions for waste generated in printing operations. Established in 2010, the company also provides logistics and distribution services nationwide.