Ecosystem expanded: Sony cooperates with signage specialist Telelogos

10 April 2024

Sony Professional Displays & Solutions has further expanded its ecosystem of content management systems through a partnership with Telelogos, a European software manufacturer for mobility, digital signage and workspace management solutions.

"Media4display", Telelogos' digital signage solution, enables effortless content management for displays in various sectors such as retail, corporate and education. Telelogos utilises the capabilities of the Android SoC (System on Chip) integrated into the "BRAVIA 4K Professional" displays and provides the necessary functions for the central management of content and applications as well as the remote playout of this content to a networked display infrastructure.

In addition, Telelogos offers the hardware device management "CLYD", which enables remote management of the devices. This software solution can monitor the hardware of the displays and allows users to control functions such as switching on and off or adjusting the volume. With the introduction of the newly integrated digital signage package, companies wishing to use BRAVIA displays now have access to this platform.

"We are delighted to add Telelogos to our catalogue of key partnerships. We are confident that together we can reach a broader customer base and offer world-class professional display solutions," says Thorsten Prsybyl, Senior B2B Partnership Manager at Sony Professional Displays and Solutions. The Telelogos software solution will be available to Sony customers on their BRAVIA 4K Professional displays.

"The collaboration with Sony has been a highly anticipated integration," comments Martin Lynch, Head of Pre-Sales at Telelogos. "We are both committed to providing the best service to our customers and Sony has wholeheartedly embraced the use of SoC technology. Because Sony is a major player in the SoC digital signage display market, this partnership was very important to us and is a logical progression."

Source: PBS-Business