Knüppel’s Packaging solutions for industry and retail

17 April 2024

Knüppel shows visitors innovative packaging solutions for industry and trade at two regional trade fairs. At empack in Dortmund and Hamburg, the focus will be on process optimization, sustainability and reducing material consumption.

"In addition to providing optimum protection for the packaged goods, our focus is always on creating further added value for our customers. Be it through process optimization or a reduction in material consumption, for example."- Marco Growe, Sales Manager at Knüppel Verpackung GmbH & Co. KG

Packaging processes can be optimized, for example, with the PadPak Guardian paper padding system. The flexible and space-saving converter produces paper pads for every requirement. Thanks to the easy-to-operate paper loading system, the Guardian can be loaded in less than 30 seconds. Intuitive operation via a touch panel makes the system particularly efficient and user-friendly. The AvvolTec Buzz n' Pack horizontal wrapper is also fast: at the touch of a button ("buzzer"), the semi-automatic system quickly and securely fixes packaged goods with film on a corrugated cardboard tray and significantly simplifies the packaging process. Knüppel Verpackung will also be presenting a new development at the Empack trade fairs: Packaging designed by the in-house packaging development department for shipping buckets. Stable tensioning of the bucket in the carton efficiently prevents damage during transportation and there is no need for additional padding.

Material savings and process optimization are also important in the area of pallet securing. Knüppel is presenting a semi-automatic stretch robot that can be used on the move. Thanks to automatic scanning of the edges, pallets of almost any type, shape and size can be stretched decentrally. The new high-performance machine stretch film KV BlueCast, which Knüppel launched this spring, also ensures material savings. The film is characterized by high puncture resistance and high stretchability, so that fewer wraps are needed to secure pallets. The combination with anti-slip paper can often reduce film consumption even further. The anti-slip paper presented at the Knüppel stand holds the packaged goods securely in position even at an angle of 50°. As an alternative to corrugated cardboard interlayers, the anti-slip paper also saves storage space thanks to its smaller volume.

Another new product that Knüppel is launching this spring is the FleeceTech surface protection. This combines three properties in one product: the PP film on the outside protects against environmental influences, the soft fleece insert on the inside protects sensitive surfaces from scratches and the corrosion protection integrated into the fleece ensures that bare metal parts do not rust even during long-term storage. The cover is very easy to handle and therefore saves time. Shrink-wrapping ensures that the cover fits like a glove. Zippers ensure simple quality, customs and incoming goods inspections in the packaged state. Depending on the application, the robust hoods can also be reused. The hoods are used, for example, for packaging housings or components from the wind power, construction and agricultural machinery or mechanical and plant engineering sectors.

  • Knüppel at empack Dortmund: Hall 5, Stand K16

  • Knüppel at empack Hamburg: 1st floor, stand B6

Source: Packaging-Journal