PPWR - Questions and facts about the EU Packaging Regulation

The next packaging journal webinar will provide an overview of the current status of the EU packaging regulation. Experts from interseroh+ will provide information in particular on new requirements for the recyclability of packaging and the use of recyclates.  Register now to take part.

Long awaited and hotly debated in the industry: The provisional agreement on the EU Packaging Regulation was reached in Brussels at the beginning of March.

It is intended to reduce the packaging waste generated in the EU and takes into account the entire life cycle of packaging. Among other things, it requires all packaging to be recyclable from 2030. Furthermore, recyclate utilisation quotas in plastic packaging are set for 2030 and 2040.

But what does this mean in concrete terms? In the current packaging journal webinar, experts from Interseroh+ will inform you about the current state of affairs, particularly with regard to the new requirements for the recyclability of packaging and the use of recyclates.

In a compact 45 minutes, we will give you an overview of the plans, upcoming regulations and consequences for the industry. And of course you can put your questions directly to our experts.

  • What does the new EU packaging regulation mean in concrete terms?

  • The current state of play: plans, regulations, consequences

  • The new requirements for recyclability

  • Provisions on the use of recyclates

  • Put all your questions to the experts at interseroh+

You can sign up for it here.

Source: Packaging-Journal