Positive balance for 2021/22: Schwan-Stabilo's turnover grows by 20 percent

1 December 2022

In the 2021/22 financial year, the Schwan-Stabilo group of companies generated a turnover high of 745.3 million euros (previous year: 623.2 million euros) despite the effects of the pandemic and the Ukraine war. The family-owned company cites its versatile brand portfolio as a driver of success.

The group had already reported moderate growth in the previous year. In view of the additional difficulties, such as bottlenecks in the supply of raw materials and energy as well as in supply chains, and a sharp rise in inflation, the company says it is proving to be crisis-proof, with sales growth of 20 per cent. In particular, innovations designed for sustainability and selected premium products have ensured sales peaks in the three business segments Writing Instruments (sales: 215.8 million euros), Cosmetics (sales: 312.3 million euros) and Outdoor (sales: 216.9 million euros). The cosmetics business segment grew disproportionately by 37 percent compared to the previous year. Stabilo achieved a plus of 3.1 percent and the Outdoor sub-group a plus of 16.4 percent.

Stabilo consumer-oriented, regional and digital

Horst Brinkmann, CEO of Stabilo, summarises the development for the sub-group as follows: "Thus, the growth course of the last few years continued despite raw material taxes, supply chain problems and the consumer restraint that was particularly noticeable in Europe. Compared to the strong previous year, turnover rose by 3.1 percent, and in Asia even by double digits. Strategic adjustments helped to increase competitiveness there. In Europe, on the other hand, a strong first half-year was followed by a noticeable cooling of consumption." He also praises the innovation work of recent years, which has resulted in consumer-oriented product development "that goes hand in hand with digital activities". There have also been initial successes with products that function equally well in the analogue and digital space. In the area of sustainability, too, the company is always interested in making progress, because, as Brinkmann asserts: "In order to be climate-neutral in 2025, we have again initiated concrete measures from our action plan for the areas of energy, transport and raw materials".

Confident outlook

Already in the new business year, global differences in consumption, demand and incoming orders are noticeable in all three business segments, namely caution and restraint in Europe on the one hand, and strong growth in Asia and American markets on the other. Company boss Sebastian Schwanhäuser therefore makes the following prognosis for the group: "Despite all the joy about the result, which was not foreseeable to this extent, we will have to remain flexible - because there will be no new normality after the crisis. But all parts of our company are already geared to this. We are relaxed about the development. Acting instead of reacting: That, too, makes us future-proof".

Source: PBS-Business