Packaging solutions for the future

22 February 2024

LogiMAT has some new products for the packaging sector on offer. From 19 to 21 March, exhibitors in Stuttgart will be showcasing modern technologies and environmentally friendly packaging solutions.

Intelligent solutions for the current requirements in shipping production - this is what manufacturers in the packaging and packaging machinery sector will be showcasing at LogiMAT 2024. Under the trade fair motto "SHAPING CHANGE TOGETHER - Sustainability - AI - Ergonomics", exhibitors from the packaging sector will be presenting their latest product developments for efficient and sustainable shipping production. The majority of exhibitors will continue to focus their product range on secondary packaging for small parts and batch size 1. In addition, the trend towards the individualisation of packaging and the corresponding tailoring of packaging systems will continue to dominate.

In view of market requirements, the topic of sustainability is also a high priority in product development. Among the new products presented at LogiMAT, the sustainability aspects include in particular the materials used for protective and filling materials, outer packaging and load carriers as well as the establishment of (reusable) recycling systems.

"Sustainability with a high volume of mail order business requires the avoidance of plastic as far as possible, appropriate package sizes with as little unused volume as possible and packaging material that can be easily recycled. Producers, retailers and service providers must adapt to the corresponding pressure from their customers and integrate new solutions into their shipping processes. The international exhibitors at LogiMAT in Hall 4 will provide a comprehensive overview of the options available for this." - Michael Ruchty, LogiMAT Exhibition Director from the Munich-based trade fair organiser EUROEXPO Messe- und Kongress-GmbH

In the East Entrance area, several exhibitors will be showcasing the wide range of solution options offered by packaging manufacturers and packaging technology companies. The exhibitors in Hall 4 will be presenting new developments in areas such as the classic load carrier, the container, which in many cases forms the basis for reusable cycles. A new, compressed intralogistics container combines the design advantages of a rigid miniload container with the logistical benefits of a collapsible container. A reusable, repairable and ultimately recyclable Mobile Transport System (MTS) will also be presented.

Striking new developments can also be discovered in the packaging machines. For example, a filling and sealing machine for e-commerce applications that processes up to 100 bag packs per hour will be exhibited. Label print dispensers for separate labels or thermal transfer printers for direct printing on the bag are integrated into the machine. Another packaging machine on display combines a multi-size case erector and a case sealer with height reduction. Both modules can be used as stand-alone or as a standardised packaging station. In addition, a new automated, customised packaging solution will be shown in Hall 4 in a live demonstration of a complete operational process set-up. With a throughput of 600 parcels per hour, the system will provide a customised, erected carton with the underside already glued every six seconds.

Other innovations include the use of hot melt adhesive solutions. They will be presented for customised cartons and envelopes that are precisely tailored to the products to be packaged. Another area of application is stacked goods during transport on pallets, which can be stabilised using hotmelts without plastic films, according to the manufacturer. When it comes to filling materials, there are several alternatives to plastic air cushions, expanded polystyrene flakes or crumpled paper to discover. Various sustainable padding cushions made from old cardboard boxes will be presented. Large customers can also order machines for producing their own packaging padding. In addition, several manufacturers will be presenting innovative, sustainable bubble wrap made from up to 100 per cent recycled paper.

On the first day of LogiMAT 2024, participants in an Expert Forum in the Atrium East Entrance will take a look into the future of packaging and shipping as part of the supporting programme accompanying the trade fair. Under the moderation of Sandra Lehmann, editor of the trade magazine Logistik Heute, the topic "Digital packaging: when the parcel thinks along" will be on the agenda.

"With the latest packaging solutions presented at LogiMAT 2024, the exhibitors are proving to be key trailblazers for greater sustainability and efficiency in shipping production. This year, LogiMAT will once again offer international trade visitors a wide range of inspiration for future-proof investments in the packaging sector." - Micheal Ruchty

Source: Packaging-Journal