Coreboard prices in Italy still falling but at a slower rate

Valeria Buß, 26 September 2023

Italy’s cores and coreboard industry has another tough quarter in the rear-view mirror. The fundamental situation did not change: orders were still not being placed and coreboard prices declined, although less than in previous quarters when dramatic mark-downs already occurred.

Around a year has now passed since the market changed direction, the first production stoppages were held, and prices embarked on a downhill run. Prices have downright plunged since then. Demand has not recovered to this day.

Market players now told EUWID that it had been another weak quarter. July, which is frequently a little brisker because of looming stoppages, failed to live up to expectations this year. The market is traditionally quiet in August, and business did not get going as well as had been expected in September, with demand remaining weak. Idling production was inescapable in these circumstances.

“The situation is starting to get serious,” one coreboard producer said, emphasising that lacklustre demand has now persisted for a long time.

Source: Euwid