Smurfit Kappa presents waterproof paper

Eva Middendorf 3 May 2022

Smurfit Kappa has developed an innovative and sustainable waterproof paper. Aqua-Stop is part of Smurfit Kappa's new Techni-Paper portfolio. It can be recycled like normal paper packaging.

Water-repellent paper

Aqua-Stop paper is water-repellent thanks to a special coating added to it during the manufacturing process. Unlike many other coatings, this does not affect the recyclability of the product and can be recycled like normal paper packaging.

Aqua-Stop is the latest innovation in Smurfit Kappa's Better Planet Packaging product portfolio, which offers sustainable alternatives to single-use plastics. Because Aqua-Stop is designed to withstand exposure to water without being damaged, it is suitable for eCommerce packaging and packaging for products such as flowers, detergents and fruit and vegetables that need temporary protection from water.

It is also particularly suitable for use in humid environments as the box remains intact and protects the contents, making it an excellent solution for transporting and storing refrigerated products that are exposed to condensation.

Lars Henriksson, Vice President of Product Development at Smurfit Kappa Paper Division, said of the new product, "We are very excited about Aqua-Stop and believe it is a truly revolutionary paper. We anticipate that Aqua-Stop will be of interest to many of our customers, especially those who transport goods in difficult conditions, as it will give them peace of mind that their products will remain in perfect condition even when damp.

"Our product development team, together with our colleagues in Spain, have created something very special that has excellent functionality while being 100% recyclable."

Smurfit Kappa Europe CEO Saverio Mayer added: "We are continually developing innovative and sustainable packaging solutions that help meet the ever-growing needs of our customers, no matter how demanding or unusual the request.

"Aqua-Stop is a must-have product for customers with complex supply chain requirements and is another example of how Smurfit Kappa's brightest minds and most creative spirits are working towards a common goal."

Aqua-Stop will be launched at Smurfit Kappa's customer innovation event later this month.

Source: Neue Verpackung