German union Verdi calls for strikes in several ports

17 June 2024

Workers at several ports in Germany have gone on strike today. The strikes affect the North Sea ports of Hamburg, Bremen, Bremerhaven, Brake and Emden.

According to trade union Verdi, the strikes in Hamburg started this morning at 5:00 am CET and are expected to last around 24 or 48 hours, depending on the port.

Wood and other forestry products, including pulp, are handled in almost all of these ports.

The union decided to go on strike to increase pressure during the current third round of negotiations with the Central Association of German Seaport Operators (ZDS) that started in Hamburg today.

Verdi is demanding an increase in hourly wages of three euros as of 1 June 2024 as well as a corresponding increase in shift allowances, including making up for the lack of an increase in shift allowances in the 2022 collective agreement, with a term of the collective agreement of 12 months.

Source: Euwid