Holmen Iggesund releases uncoated paperboard for enhanced appearance and tactile feeling

Natalie Schwertheim, 20 May 2024

Holmen Iggesund has developed a new uncoated paperboard branded Invercote Touch for natural-looking packaging and graphical applications.

The paperboard solution does not entail any pigment coatings. The multi-layered base board is adapted to support uncoated printing characteristics and “excellent” converting properties. It offers a natural high and stable whiteness with good color reproduction.

“Invercote Touch is a unique combination of uncoated paperboard, where the appearance and tactile feeling is key, and other characteristics that make Invercote so suitable for superior packaging applications,” says Edvin Thurfjell, product manager for Invercote Packaging and Graphics at Holmen Board and Paper.

“Invercote Touch enables brands, for the first time, to prioritize a natural look and feel with a product that has the right combination of printing and converting properties for an uncoated paperboard.”

“With Invercote Touch, you actually touch the raw fibers and hear the sound of friction on the paperboard,” adds Thurfjell.

Invercote Touch enables brands to prioritize a natural look and feel.Steering fiber properties

The paperboard provides a sensory interactive experience for the customer that feels “easy and natural” to handle. It also has the superior embossing features inherent to the company’s Invercote line of products.

“It frees up what you can do with the surface and opens up more possibilities for creative messaging,” says Thurfjell.

Holmen’s mill in Iggesund developed Invercote Touch by applying the knowledge it has built up over 60 years of premium packaging industry experience.

While an uncoated paperboard will inherently print differently than coated paperboards, Holmen explains that the development of Invercote Touch focused on steering the properties of the fiber layer to induce as little print quality variation as possible.

“Invercote Touch provides a unique and natural addition to our product portfolio that we are very proud of,” says Thurfjell.

“It widens Holmen’s product offering to existing customers and provides opportunities for new customers who are not familiar with Invercote. We are, therefore, also very excited to see how it will be used.”

Invercote Touch is suitable for all types of packaging and graphics applications. It is initially available in a 330 GSM communication version.

Source: Packaging Insights