German Sustainability Award 2023 - Finalists have been selected

September 2023

This year, the German Sustainability Award is once again deliberately honouring companies in the packaging and recycling industry. The jury has now selected the finalists for the award ceremony at the end of November.

The makers of the German Sustainability Award (DNP) have set their sights on great things this year. Since there are successful concepts for more sustainability in all sectors, the prize should now be spread more widely. That is why this year, for the first time, the prize will be awarded to companies from 100 different sectors.

One of these sectors is - and this is only logical - packaging. The search is on for the frontrunners of smart, environmentally and climate-friendly packaging solutions.

Packaging is a key topic at the German Sustainability Award

Already during his visit to the packaging journal TV studio at interpack, DNP founder Stefan Schulze-Hausmann had announced that packaging would be one of the key topics at the renowned sustainability award.

These are the finalists

In the meantime, the decisions on the finalists have been made. The packaging sector had its own jury of experts, including Kim Cheng, President of the German Packaging Institute and environmentalists such as Tom Ohlendorf, Senior Manager Circular Economy at WWF. In the packaging sector, the following companies qualified for the finals at the end of November:

  • reCup GmbH: RECUP and REBOWL is Germany's largest reusable system for coffee-to-go and take-away food and at the same time an uncomplicated, sustainable and attractive alternative to disposable packaging. Founded in 2016, the company is convinced that thinking and doing business in cycles is the principle of the future - with long-lasting products that can be recycled and reused in the end.

  • BAYONIX: The Bavarian company BAYONIX produces recyclable packaging and things for food use. The novel material is free of harmful substances, recyclable without losses and completely biodegradable. The BAYONIX® BOTTLE has been awarded "GOLD" level according to the Cradle to Cradle Certified® product standard - and even "PLATIN" in the area of material health.

  • Superseven GmbH – Repaq: Repaq's home-compostable certified zero-waste film packaging for food replaces plastic and thus prevents microplastics, reduces CO2 emissions and closes the biological raw material cycle. In this way, Repaq helps companies achieve the SDGs and Paris climate goals. In nature, the material dissolves by itself within a maximum of 180 days.

This year, the German Sustainability Award also honours the pioneers of the circular economy. Here, Interzero Circular Solutions Germany GmbH , Berliner Stadtreinigungsbetriebe BSR and Remondis have been nominated.

The publication of the winners is expected to take place on 31 October 2023. The congress and award ceremony on 23 November 2023 shall be attended by the CEO’s and sustainability experts of 100 pioneering companies, Federal Environment Minister Steffi Lemke, Federal Defence Minister Boris Pistorius, and other guests of honour.

Source: Packaging-Journal