Mondi research reveals e-commerce trends in Europe

25 November 2022

Packaging manufacturing giant Mondi has partnered with RetailX on a survey into the online shopping behaviour of consumers in Europe.

Shoppers in France, Germany, Poland, Sweden and Turkey were analysed. Mondi said it is the most in-depth survey to date with 1,000 consumers surveyed in each country.

The research found:

  • Oversized packaging annoys 86% of consumers, up from 79% in 2021;

  • 78% said that standout product packaging and an unboxing experience would convince them to order from the same retailer again; compared to 46% in 2021;

  • 94% of consumers cite protection of goods as their most important requirement in packaging;

  • Millennials are driving the market and are the most likely to be buying online at least once a day (8%) and more than once a week (37%)

Mondi Group e-commerce director, Nedim Nisic said: “We want to be at the forefront of understanding what consumers want when they are shopping online, and what they expect from the packaging protecting their purchases.”

“As customers have seen the growing availability of easy-close packaging, so they have also realised how well it fits their needs, both in terms of the convenience of being able to easily reseal without hunting for the packing tape but also the sustainability aspect of reusing packaging.”

Source: Packaging Journal