The Group

The IGEPA group is one of the specialist leading wholesalers groups in Europe and serves more than 50,000 customers in industry, trade and commerce. The variety of goods includes products such as graphic paper and cardboard, packaging and media for advertising technology including technical equipment and services. At more than 81 locations in 29 countries and with around 3,500 employees, the Group including all strategic partners across Europe, generated a turnover of 1.9 billion euros in the year 2016.


IGEPA Mission Statement

We believe it is our duty to use our products and services to contribute to the sustainable corporate success of our customers.      

We define this as the ability to supply the right choice of products and make the best offer. 

We define this as identifying the requirements of our customers and serving them in all aspects. 

We define this as providing our customers with the scope to make their operations more profitable. 


IGEPA’s representatives liaise between paper mills, printers and clients. Their detailed understanding of our client’s requirements allows them to work with mills and suppliers to develop new concepts for paper and printing materials. In short, Igepa’s people are our company’s greatest asset.


Even with more than 40,000 existing specifications, IGEPA is still always looking for new materials, to ensure that we can meet all of our customers requirement’s - however they change. But, whatever the differences in structure and material, our clients find that one thing always remains the same: the consistent quality of our products. Over 40,000 specifications delivering quality you can trust - every time.


The members of the IGEPA group have been working together for more than 50 years. Just as our business
is built on long-term commitment and trust, so too is our relationship with our suppliers and clients. Trust IGEPA to build a partnership that lasts.


IGEPA has a strong presence in more than 20 european countries and this is continuously expanding as new partnerships are developed and enhanced. Our international size and reputation allows us to realize even the most challenging of concepts, whilst our established network of partners ensure that we are able to react to market changes on an international scale. Across Europe, IGEPA’s partners are working together.


IGEPA offers an unrivalled range of products, with the guarantee of optimum quality every time. Our  trademarks represent the best products available in any category, making Igepa truly a name to trust. Delivering the best with every brand – IGEPA.


Source IGEPA group data 2016:
2.0 billion Euro turnover, 1.9 million tons sales, 50.000 clients, 3,500 employees, 220.000 palette spaces, 189.000 m2 storage, 400 trucks, 3.000 tons turn over a day, more than 40.000
specifications The numbers speak for themselves - IGEPA is proud to have achieved this leading position.